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Why should you advertise on Quail Farm website?

When it comes to quail, Quail Farm is clearly the no. 1 website in the UK and even beyond. But don’t take my word for it, just type in any quail related search term into Google and our website will most likely come up on the first page what more, for most terms in first position, even if you just simply type in the single word “quail”.

This means if anyone in the UK wants anything to do with quail will find us and probably visit our website before any other quail related sites.

We get tons of enquiries related to quail i.e. where to get quail, quail eggs, quail meat or related equipment, like incubators, quail cages, feeders, drinkers, etc. We have retired from trading now so we cannot fulfil our customer’s requests directly anymore therefore we are giving a chance to other suppliers of various quail products from all over Britain to be listed in the first position of the first page on Google and other major search engines. This gives them more visibility on the World Wide Web, which directly leads to more business. As you well know, our world is changing and over 75% of buyers search for their desired products on the internet (UK & US data) already and it’s growing. According to statistics 90% of people who search on the net will click on a website’s link on the first page of the search results if they find it relevant to their search query. This means if you’re not on the first results page of a search engine you’ve only got 10% chance to get that potential buyer compared to websites positioned on the first page.

The conclusion is that if you advertise on our website your business offer will most likely be on the first page of Google organic search results, and you can’t really do better than that when it comes to online marketing.


Why is it better to advertise on Quail Farm than advertise on other websites?

Specialized - Quail farm is very much specialised, so people who are interested in quail and quail products will choose us because they’ll find what they’re looking for easier and faster than on websites with listings of a wide range.

Trust – Being the no. 1 for quail business, people will trust suppliers recommended by us a lot more than if just seeing your advert or listing on a general classified website or in some kind of a directory.

Costs – To get the word out about your quail related business could cost you a good few thousand Pounds per year. If you’re dealing with quail you probably know by now that it’s a hard work to get an ad out, as not many online classified sites take on adverts for live animals for example. Who there are and tell you to get a free listings, you know well that there is not much chance that their visitors will actually find your ad, unless you pay for a premier position and even though, guess how many premier positions are there... The least you will pay on any of the listings websites that count (1st page in Google) for a half decent position is £4.99 per week, and that's for a classified ad among the rest only - not very productive.


How much does it cost and what you’ll get for your money?


Directory listing

It costs absolutely nothing, just click the following ling, register yourself and submit your business: Quail World Directory

You'll get listed in our quail suppliers directory categorized according your business activity

We recommend this type of advertising for hobby breeders and small scale quail/poultry businesses who’s main profile is not necessarily quail and quail products but would like to grow their business and get the word out about it locally, nationally, and even internationally.


Smart Banner advertising (Subject to availability – 5 positions in total)

It costs £100 per month or £550 for 6 months or £1000 for a whole Year.

You get your advert listed in a large “Smart Slider” displayed in a top position of every single page of our website. You simply can’t get better exposure than that! It’s a slide display of max five ads.

If you go for the 6 months or 12 months option you can change your ad every month if you wish, to reflect your actual deals, offers.

We recommend this type of advertising for businesses who have the ability to fulfill nationwide demands and really mean to make it to become one of the leading and reputable suppliers of their product range.


Selling quail or quail related products may not be your main business activity at present but considering that the demand for quail meat is growing by an average of 5-10% and for quail eggs by 15% per year and how easy is to keep and breed them compared to large fowl or waterfowl you may reconsider as you get more and more enquiries through our website.

Being a quail specialist website you have to offer quail related product(s) to qualify for a listing however, we’re more than happy to publish your other available products too as long as they are related to the poultry, game or pet business or to meat supplies in the instance of a butchery that sells quail meat among other products.


As you can see from the above we are more than capable of helping you to grow or expand your business and increase your potential customer base. The rest is up to you!


Go to Quail World Directory to register your business for free.

Go to Banner advertising inquiry form if you're interested in smart banner advertising on Quail Farm website.

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