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Rain Quail – Coturnix Coromandelica

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To see a Rain Quail, also called Black-breasted Quail in the wild you would have to walk around in India, mainly in the Indus valley or the western parts of the Indo-Chinese peninsula.

 Their main habitat is on graze lands, fields with short grass and under bushes, scrubs. Most of them move further south for the winter months.

A pair of Rain Quail

The male has a black breast patch and a quite distinctive head pattern of black and white, a lot stronger but similar to the European Quail. The black patch on the female Rain Quail’s breast is more delicate however, sometimes can be hard to separate them.

Their main breeding season starts in June, after the break of the south-westerly monsoon. The Rain Quail will lay 6-8 eggs mostly in scraped holes in the ground and the female incubates them for 18 days. The quail chicks will leave the nest on the day of hatching.

They feed on various seeds and invertebrates.

The Rain Quail is of a tremulous and uneasy nature.

The head of a male Rain QuailThe habitat of the Rain Quail

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