Scotch Quail Eggs

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Serves: 3
18 quail eggs
1 lb ground chicken
2 scallions (including greens, finely minced)
1 handful cilantro leaves
1 tsp salt
pepper (to taste)
1 egg (beaten)
2 tbsps water
oil (for frying)
For the pickled onions
1 sweet red onion
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
Thinly slice onion rings, add salt and sugar then pour vinegar over it in a shallow dish and set aside. Hard boil the quail eggs. Start the eggs in a pan of room temperature water, bring them to a boil then count three minutes. Drain, soak in cold water and as soon as you can handle them, peel them underwater. Wash off any specks of shell, drain and reserve. Mix chicken, herbs, salt and pepper. If you want to check seasoning, fry a little piece and taste. Divide meat into 18 lumps. With wet hands, flatten a lump in your palm, place a whole egg on top, wrap meat around egg, then roll into a meatball, ensuring that no egg is showing through. Re-wet your hands to keep chicken meat from sticking. Roll each ball in egg, then breadcrumbs. Fry on all sides until golden, about 4-5 minutes. Drain on paper and cool. Just before serving slice eggs in half, and offer pickled onions on the side.
A real protein bomb. Cook it, eat it, Love it!

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