Blue Quail – Coturnix Adansonii

The Blue Quail or also called African Blue Quail can be seen in well maintained gardens, parks, watery fields, on grasslands next to moist forests and also in swamps.

They do avoid excessively dry areas. These birds not only like plains like most other Coturnix species but thanks to their great climbing capabilities you can meet them anywhere up to about 5400 feet (1800 meters) above sea level.

Their nest is a scraped shallow hole in the ground padded with grass and well hidden in grassland. Lays 3-9 eggs and incubates for 16 days.

The colour of their eggs is a mix of olive and brown. The cockerel fully supports the hen throughout the incubation period and also takes part in raising the little quail chicks.

The Blue Quail is first of all a vegetarian. Feeding on various seeds and only rarely, more like for dessert would consume insects.

A Pair of Blue or African Blue Quail
Coturnix Adansonii

Source: Wikipedia

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