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We have collected the most frequently asked questions about various quail related subjects. Please browse through them or use the search feature above before contacting us, you may find the answer to your question right here, right now

Keeping quail is just as easy as keeping chicken except you’ll have to prevet them from flying away as well. Read our guidance on keeping quail and you’ll learn the basics of it.

You should start with keeping any of the Coturnix type, like the Japanese, Jumbo Japanese, Golden Manchurian (Italian), Texas or the Red Cap quail. They’re not as high demanding birds as the more exotic quail species.

We are not commercial quail farmers. It has started off some years ago as a hobby and grown a bit but keeping quail commercially would involve a lot more and we have no experience in that kind of business profile. Also your costs and profits will depend on your geographical location and obviously the buying demand so the answer to this question is: No, we cannot help you to calculate quail farming costs. However, we’ve made a little calculator and some gudances regarding keeping Japanese quail on a hobby scale, please check it out here:

The costs of keeping Japanese (Coturnix) Quail

We get this a lot. As we are not familiar with the conditions in your country we cannot give any advice about keeping quail anywhere outside of the UK.

They got stressed from transportation. They just need to settle down and feel at home. Coming back into lay could take 2-3 weeks.

We are not an international directory of quail keepers or quail egg suppliers so unfortunately we cannot help you with this. Please do your search for local suppliers.

We have never tried but some of our customers do keep quails together with bantams and other poultry so it should work. It’s really a matter of try and see. Make sure that they cannot fly away though.

Quail can fly and will fly away if you don’t prevent it. Bare this in mind and make your setup accordingly.

No, you don’t need to keep cockerels with the hens to have eggs.

Sorry but we don’t make quail cages for sale.

If you have local farm shops around you, try them first as the quality of the eggs would most likely be the best possible. If no luck there, search the internet for fresh quail eggs suppliers. There are quite a few dozen of them in the UK and most of them do post quail eggs or can tell you which farmshop to pick them up from. If still no luck, check the supermarkets. We won’t mention any names but the better ones normally have quail eggs in stock.

Fertile quail eggs can be consumed just as well as non-fertile quail eggs. It makes no difference at all.

The shelf life of quail eggs is 28 days. Store them in a dry, cool place, the same way as you would store chicken eggs.

The most universal quail is the Jumbo Japanese Quail. They produce eggs just as well as the standard size Japanese quail but they’re slightly larger so ideal for table use too.

All the information that we have about other quail species is here on our website. Unfortunately is not fully comprehensive but we’re doing our best to update the information gradually. For info on other quail breeds please go to:

Other Quail Breeds

Unfortunately there is no straight solution to this problem (at least we haven’t found one yet). The best you can do is to isolate the aggressive one for a week then try to move him/her back to the flock and see what happens.

We get this one a lot. Please note that we are no veterinary practitioners but even if we were we would not be able to diagnose or treat your birds over the internet or telephone. Our advice is to class quail as chicken. They would have exactly the same symptoms and most likely the same illness to those symptoms. In any case, if you think that your quails are ill call your local vet.

You can consume quail eggs any way that you would consume standard chicken eggs i.e. boil them, fry them, poach them or make scrumble eggs if you like. Ultimately you can eat them raw. It may doesn’t sound as nice is the way that your body can make the most of it. You can mix it with any preferred drink really. It’s best to mix it in a blender. My personal favourite quail egg drink is quail eggs mixed with tomato juice (I love tomato juice) but if you prefer not to taste the egg, then your best choice is to mix it in with any flavour milkshake. Some people mix it with fresh orange juice. Why don’t you check out our delicious Healthy Banana Milkshake with Quail eggs recipe while you here. You’ll love it!

If nothing has changed in their circumstances and nothing stresses them out and they get sufficiant light 14 hrs/day then it must be their resting period time. Quail has resting periods of 30-80 days per year in total and they normally take them at sudden weather changes and at the change of a season. In addition to that they lay less during the cold months than in the summer anyway. There’s nothing you can do about it am afraid. Other reason could be if they have reached the age of becoming ex layers, generally about 2 years with coturnix coturnix (Japanese). Solution: If you insist on having the same amount of eggs then increase the stock quantity for the winter or replace with young stock.

With quail, it takes a minimum of 2 days for the egg to come forward. This means that from the time the cockerel done his job will take at least 2 days before the fertilized egg actually comes out the cloaca. In any case I would leave the cockerel to do his job for at least 5 days before starting to collect the eggs for incubation and leave the cockerel in for the whole time (or let him in twice a day making sure that he does the job with every hen) while collecting for incubation.

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