Painted Bush Quail – Perdicula Erythrorhyncha

The Painted Bush Quail can be seen pretty much all around the Indian subcontinent however, they mostly found between 1800 and 6000 feet (600 – 2000 meters) above sea level.

They prefer hanging around in grasslands adjacent to woodlands and in watery habitats. They seem to live in monogamy.

Their nests are scraped shallow holes under scrubs which are carefully padded with grass. Normally lay 4-7 eggs and incubates them for 21 days. Depending on weather conditions the Painted Bush quail would raise up to two batches in a season. Their curiosity is that their chicks are said to be able to fly right on the day of hatching even though they’re not much bigger than a hornet.

Their diet consists of various crop seeds, weeds and roots. As a food supplement they would occasionally consume termites.

It has 2 known subspecies:

Male Painted Bush Quail
The habitat of the Painted Bush Quail

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