Quail Eggs and Health

Regarding quail eggs and health British researchers say that eggs should be pronounced a super-food. It has a very good impact on our health and even helps to fight obesity. 

According to nutritionists the egg as food is one of the richest in good in essential ingredients. We all should consume at least one a day.

Scientific research

The Nutrition and Food Science magazine has published an article in which researchers emphasize the egg’s important role in general health protection as well as loosing and maintaining body weight.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, the leader of the study analyzed data from not less than 71 previous studies with her colleagues. The research aimed at the nutrient content of hen’s eggs and their role in human diet.

It turned out that while eggs are poor in calories, they’re rich in protein and full of essential nutrients. These are vitamin D and B12, selenium and choline which are all important to health.

Eggs are rich in antioxidants

The investigations also confirmed that between other protein-containing foods the eggs contain the richest variety and mixture of amino acids. These are indispensable for the healthy growth and development of children, adolescents and young adults.

In addition, the high levels of antioxidants in the egg help preventing the age-related macular degeneration (macular degeneration). It is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries.

The eggs are rich in vitamin D

The research shows that children, teenagers and the elderly, as well as consumers of a lot of meat and people who don’t drink milk would gain the most benefit from eating eggs. The study’s one of the key discovery was that eggs are a very important source of vitamin D. Their consumption can significantly increase your daily intake of this very important vitamin. 

An egg contains more than 20 percent of the recommended daily intake so if you eat two a day you’re half covered.

The low vitamin D levels are linked to many diseases: including osteoporosis, cancer of the heart disease, the sclerosis multiplex, and certain immunal illnesses and even mental disorders.

Please Note!

The above research information is related to hen’s eggs and not quail eggs

If it’s an Egg, it’s got to be a Quail Egg

Quail eggs are proved to be a very valuable source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin D. They contain iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus and other essential micro-nutrients, minerals and amino acids. This is why they are recommended for regular consumption. Taken into consideration the above written we can say that quail eggs and health go hand in hand when it comes to benefits to our health.

How to eat quail eggs?

To eat quail eggs as part of a healthy diet it is recommended to consume them raw. I kow a lot of the people don’t like the idea. To make the taste more pleasant you can mix it in orange or tomato juice. I personally prefer tomato juice. In order to strengthen the immune system and improve the blood quality a course of 60 eggs is recommended.

Initially 3, then 5 eggs a day should be consumed. Obviously no one is suggesting that quail eggs are any kind of a wonder-medicine and will cure serious illnesses like cancer or similar, but their positive effect on human body has been proven.

Regarding quail eggs and health quail eggs are considered to be one of the best known natural treatment products. Chinese medical practitioners have been using quail eggs as a treatment for hundreds of years with brilliant results.

As quail eggs are slowly but surely becoming an easy to get product on the market. More and more people are beginning to show interest in their use as an active natural medicine instead of the chemical products with so many side effects.

What are quail eggs good for?

Experts in natural treatment methods claim that quail eggs have positive effects on people with stress problems, hypertension, digestive disturbance, gastric ulcer, liver problems, blood pressure and lipid control, migraine, asthma, anemia, various types of allergies, eczema, heart problems, bronchitises illnesses, depression, panic and anxiety illnesses.

Quail eggs are also known to stimulate growth and increase sexual appetite. Stimulate brain functions which improves intelligence quotient and generally rejuvenates the body.

In the table below you will find suggestion as to how to administrate quail eggs.

The following recommendations are sorted by age:

Age GroupTotal No of Quail EggsTotal No of Days1st Day2nd Day3rd DayFrom the 4th Day on
16-18 yrs120253345
11-15 yrs120313334
8-10 yrs90303333
4-7 yrs60203333
1-3 yrs60302222
3 months – 1 yr30301111

Natural treatment practitioners recommend the following use of quail eggs as treatment or part of the treatment depending of the illness or condition:

For Children: The consumption of quail eggs is recommended for children whether cooked or raw for their physical and mental balance. Quail eggs help improving the IQ.
Growth stimulation and metabolism improvement100eggs
Reactivate the nerves and central nervous system120eggs
For the elderly: Quail eggs have brilliant regenerative effects on the body therefore are recommended for the elderly. It can calm down and/or cure many diseases attributed to old age, deficiency or excess nutrients in the body.
quail eggs help renewing the state of health and brings the body to equilibrium, combats the degenerative process and rejuvenates the body240eggs
revives memory and protects nerve cells120eggs
improves sexual potency120eggs
reinforces organs weakened by physical work or stress240eggs
fortifies the body240eggs
Allergy treatment:
Skin rash120eggs
Eczema conjunctivitis120eggs
Allergic rhinitis240eggs
Gastro intestinal tract disorder treatment:
Gastric ulcers240eggs
Poor digestion120eggs
Excess secretions of stomach acids120eggs
Treatment of liver diseases:
Improves organ functions240eggs
Treatment of Renal diseases:
Improves organ functions240eggs
Treatment of heart diseases:
Improves the functioning of the heart in the case of coronary sclerosis240eggs
Treatment of circulatory diseases:
arterial hypertension240eggs
Treatment of metabolic diseases:
Treatment of nervous diseases:
nervous state240eggs
Benefits of quail eggs during pregnancy and while breast feeding:
The consumption of quail eggs fortifies the woman’s body during pre and post natal periods as well as after surgery and radiotherapy. It also has beneficial effects on the foetus (physical and mental balance) and for the mother after delivery (physical rehabilitation and rejuvenation of cells). Quail eggs also improve the quality of breast milk.240eggs
The consumption of quail eggs by HIV AIDS patients improves CD4240eggs

Please Note!

All information above have been sourced from various scientific and nutritionist publications and we take no responsibility for the truthfulness and/or the accuracy of any of the above.

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