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Japanese Quail Quizzes

If you’ve read through our website, by now you will have tons of information about Japanese Quail.

Let’s see how much you’ve learned… and don’t be sad if you’ve answered incorrectly, just do the test again and again until all your answers are correct.

Then you’ll have the all basics of quail breeding and keeping under your hood so you can get on and start keeping them.

Even if you don’t want to keep Japanese Quail, you can just do the tests for fun. Go on, try yourself!! 😉

The Quail Quizzes

Quail Incubation Quiz

The Incubation – the very beginning when it comes to quail breeding. 10 questions, 3 minutes. Let’s find out how much you know about incubating Japanese Quail eggs.

Quail Brooding Quiz

This short quiz is about quail brooding. 10 questions in 4 minutes. Let’s see how much you know about taking care of quail chicks…

Quail Keeping Quiz

Quail keeping is great fun and it’s also can be part of a healthy lifestyle if you consider all the goodness that quil eggs provide. By reading through our site you’ll learn a lot about quail keeping. Let’s see how much you’ve learned. Your task is to answer 10 questions in 4 minutes. Go on, test yourself whether you’re ready to keep Japanese quail, these wonderful species…

The BIG quail quiz

This is the ultimate quail quiz! It will extensively test your knowledge about quail keeping and breeding. It contains all the quiz questions of our short quizzes so you will have to know about incubating, brooding and obviously keeping Japanese Quail. You will have to answer 30 questions in 12 minutes. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to keep and breed Japanese Quail…

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