Rock Bush Quail – Perdicula Argoondah

The Rock Bush Quail can be found throughout the peninsular India. In it’s homeland they’re pretty much the only quail species that are kept in cages as pets/display birds.

They feel at home up to 1800 feet (600 meters) above sea level, mainly on plains with thin vegetation and rocky hills.

She scrapes her nest in the ground just like most of the other Perdicula species. Lays 4-7 eggs and incubates them for 21 days.

Their diet consists mainly of vegetarian source like various seeds and leaves and occasionally insects as a food supplement.

Rock Bush Quail has 3 known subspecies:

1. Perdicula Argoondah Argoondah

2. Perdicula Argoondah Salimalii

3. Perdicula Argoondah Meinertzhageni

Rock Bush Quail hen with chicks
Hen with chicks
A male of a Rock Bush Quail
A male
The natural habitat of the Rock Bush Quail

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