Snow Mountains Quail – Anurophasis Monorthonyx

The Snow Mountains Quail, also called Snow Mountain Quail is a fairly large quail species with its 11” (280mm) length.

You can find them almost exclusively on the alpine grasslands of New Guineas Irian Jaya at around 9000 feet (3000 meters) above sea level.

Their nest is a shallow hole scraped in the ground under the edge of a tussock in which the hen lays up to three eggs. The colour of the eggs is pale brown with dark spots.

We have no information of their incubation period at present.

The Snow Mountains Quail is a vegetarian, feeds on various seeds, leaves, flowers and other vegetable matter.

The Indonesian government doesn’t protect them so their conservation status has become near threatened.

Snow Mountain Quail Chick
Quail Chick
Habitat of Snow Mountain Quail

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