Stubble Quail – Coturnix Pectoralis

The Stubble quail lives in Australia. You can mainly meet them in the South-eastern and South-western areas but apart from the very northern parts you would see them living a nomadic lifestyle.

They prefer open grasslands, especially countrified fields and plains near fresh water. It feels at home in cereal fields, large weedy plains, shrubby and bosky lands, in a salt marsh and swamps. They prefer watery places in oppose to one of its subspecies, the Southern Quail (Coturnix Australis). They feel more at home on dryer land.

Their nest is a scraped shallow hole in the ground padded with vegetation. She will lay about 7 eggs and will incubate them for 18-21 days. The colour of their eggs is yellow-cream with reddish-brown or oil-green spotting. When the weather conditions are right and there is enough feed and the predators don’t bother them they can raise up to three batches in a season.

The Stubble quail mainly feeds on various seeds and invertebrates. They’re fairly good climbers. If there is not enough feed on the ground they would climb up and feed from the top of the plants.

Out of all Coturnix species the Stubble Quail is the most aggressive one. In captivity they would kill any alien birds introduced to their pen or cage.

Stubble Quail
Subble Quail
The habitat of Stubble Quail
The habitat of Stubble Quail

Source: Wikipedia

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